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                                      As one of the fastest-growing pharma markets in the
                                      region even under the US sanctions, Iran’s pharmaceutical
                                      industry can be  the next pharmaceutical leader in the
                                      Middle  East.  As  a  result  of  good  policies  taken  by  the
                                      government and Iranian syndicate, approximately 97% of
                                      the consumption is domestically produced and only 3% is
                                      being  imported.

                                      High medicine consumption rates amongst Iranians have
                                      been recorded with every citizen using approximately 340
                                      units on average per year. This makes Iran the second-
                                      largest consumer per capita in Asia and the 20th in the
                                      world. The average number of medicine per prescription
                                      of doctors internationally is 2 units, whereas in Iran it is
                                      at 3.5 units.

                                      The Iranian pharmaceutical industry has a large domestic
                                      market and additionally has numerous opportunities for
                                      With having good  quality factories, international
                                      experience in the production of medicines, good quality of
                                      the end products, diverse product range, and a competent
                                      workforce, by 2024, the Iranian pharmaceutical market
                                      will be worth approximately 5 billion dollars.

                                      Iranian companies are also growing rapidly in the export
                                      sector. They export pharmaceutical products to more than
                                      30 countries especially European countries like Russia.
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